John Birch Guitars  Ltd was founded in Birmingham UK in the early 1970s with John Birch, Arthur Baker and John Diggins and produced a new way of guitar building and pickup design that really was very popular with bands in the 70,s period, almost everybody that was anybody played a new John Birch or had John Birch pickups fitted to other guitars. In the early 1980s after a ten year run the music scene changed from rock to punk and the demand for professional instruments dropped out of fashion, John Birch decided to leave and his partner  John Diggins carried on under his own name. In 1993 John Birch now back in West Bridgford Nottingham met up with John Carling, ex pro musician and technician and decided to restart John Birch Guitars again. This got off to a good start and ran up to November 2000  when sadly John Birch passed away. The business was left to John Carling and  renamed it John Birch Guitars UK ,along with master builder Laz Gajic and master finisher Phil McAllister carried on for another 15 year and still running today. John Carling developed some new pickups from 2013 having invented a process (CEM) which brings guitar pickups up to a new level and today an extended range is available.

Professional guitar builders and outstanding guitar pickups.